A Heartfelt Post About My 2016
31 December 2016

A Heartfelt Post About My 2016

Dear Lovelies,

If you’ve been a regular Bag Addicts Anonymous reader, you’d know that my “year in recap” blogpost is mostly when I get kinda personal on the blog. Wow, it feels as though I’ve just written a Year in Recap post not too long ago, and now, here we are, at the end of 2016, and I’m writing yet another one of these. Sorry if this is a long blogpost, but do know that this post is dedicated to all of you reading this. It’s also my way of updating you about my year thus far.

2016 for me has been a crazy busy, not to mention stressful year. Studies-wise, I’ve been so busy with my PhD (and I will be for another year and a half!) that I had to forgo many many fashion events! In fact, I’d been skipping events since October 2015 due to uni commitments, and only in July this year, I’d attended my very first event for 2016. Apart from the Event Posts — there just 3 others for this year, namely, Gucci, Dior, and Bally — I had to miss a whole lot of events in between those that I’ve attended, due to the same reason. For the brands who have invited me, I’d like to thank you for understanding my situation, and the support that you have given me — I appreciate the fact that you still continue to invite me to your events, despite me not being able to make most of them this year. Through this blog, some of you have become my friends, and I’m thankful for that.

Blog-wise, I’m also deeply appreciative that I got to collaborate with Dior on 2 amazing campaigns this year: Thanks to the Regional and Malaysia Teams for picking me as the sole blogger for the Diorever campaign in line with the bag’s launch, as well as the campaign leading up to the new KLCC store opening earlier this month! I’m also grateful that there are a couple of you who have expressed interest in collaborating with me but I apologise that I wasn’t able to take you up on the amazing collaboration opportunities. Although these collaborations would’ve undoubtedly been mutually beneficial for both of us, I knew that I wouldn’t have had the time to fully dedicate the effort and level of commitment, because when I do something, I’d like to give my 120%. I do hope that we can collaborate with each other in the very near future! 

To all of my dear readers, whether you’ve been with me from the very start, of if you’re new Bag Addicts Anonymous fans, I, too, thank you, because in 2016, my audience has more than doubled! I’m bad at Math so I don’t know how to calculate the actual percentage (heh) or rate of increase, but that really isn’t important because I’m more than happy to share my love of bags, with fellow Bag Addicts like you! I probably don’t say this enough, but I definitely wouldn’t be here without your support, because I really do write for you girls and guys! It’s each and every one of you that keeps me going, and motivates me to update my blog daily, even when I’m overwhelmed and swamped with uni deadlines.

If you’re avid followers of my Instagram feed, you may have noticed that my Instagram style has evolved a little, yet slowly but surely become more personal, this year: from accessories closeups and bag and shoe of the day photos, to headless OOTD shots, and most recently, beginning in November this year, full-bodied OOTD shots. Also, quite a number of you have sent me emails and DMs and requested that I show more of myself on Instagram and how I style my outfits. I usually don’t like to be front and centre in photos and get super uncomfortable in front of the camera, hence the “Anonymous” in Bag Addicts Anonymous (heh :P), but I do understand that you want to see the person behind the @bagaddictsanon pseudonym. So, since many of you have expressed that you want to see more of me, I’ll try my best to give you that.  I love dressing up but I also promise to show you my “off duty” days because every once in a while we just want to be comfy, Lol. I know my photos aren’t perfect, and I’m still new to this OOTD game on Instagram, so please do give me some time to “improve” my poses. Thank you once again and I hope that you continue to support me in my blogging journey!!

Do feel free to drop me an email, Facebook message , or Insta DM  any time, whether if it’s to say hi, or to ask me a bag-related question, or even to leave any comments, or let me know what you’d like to see more on my Instagram or blog!

May you lovelies have a STELLAR 2017, and may it be bigger, bolder, and better, than 2016! Cheers to the long weekend!!

Bei Yan