A Heartfelt 2015 Recap Post and Personal Christmas Greetings From Me
25 December 2015

A Heartfelt 2015 Recap Post and Personal Christmas Greetings From Me

Blessed Christmas to all of you my loyal readers!

How time flies, and here we are at the end of 2015. I remember writing a year in recap post for 2014 not too long ago, and here I am writing another for the year. For Bag Addicts Anonymous, this year has been a particularly eventful one in terms of collaborations,  from Bottega Veneta, Dior, and Repetto, to Hermès, and Melissa. It was also my first time collaborating with a print magazine, and what an honour it was, to have my print debut as a 6-pager! The BAA Facebook page has also surpassed 10,000 likes this year and is currently at 11,000++!

Blog-work aside, I have also been going through some trying times this year — interviewees not responding had led to a total overhaul and change in my methodology. This had led to a mad dash to collect data in 8 months, which PhDers would spend a year to a year and a half doing. And then comes data analysis and writing 25,000 words in time for my big panel review, which I am currently working towards, and super close to the deadline. Despite that, it only made me strive harder and push myself even more because I can, and I will do it! I am thankful for both the ups and the downs, for it certainly makes the journey more meaningful.

I admit, there are some days when I’m so bogged down with academic work that blogging becomes a little overwhelming, but then I remember, the support all of you have given me all these years, and that itself gives me motivation to keep doing what I do on the blog.  A MASSIVE thank you firstly to God, and also to all of you who have been loyal blog readers and/or social media followers, for, without which, this wouldn’t have been possible.

May you have a joyous Christmas celebration and let’s strive to make 2016 even bigger and better!


*image via History.com