Gucci Launches on the Sandbox Metaverse With a Game!
29 October 2022

Gucci Launches on the Sandbox Metaverse With a Game!

Gucci has launched on one of the most popular Metaverses , The Sandbox. And, to celebrate its launch, they’ve released a P2E (play-to-earn) game with a prize pool of 500,000 $SAND (1 SAND = 0.77 USD) You are eligible to claim 50 $SAND (approx 38USD) each, if you are a winner, as well as an exclusive collectible.

How can I get one?

All you have to do is complete the quests. You’d get one Gucci Vault Box for each completed quests, and once you’ve completed all the quests, you’d get another 5 Gucci Vault Boxes. Each Vault Box serves as an entry into the Raffle, so the more boxes you have, the higher your chances of winning you have.

Gucci Vault Box The Sandbox Game

There are a total of 8 different Vault Boxes each with different built-in functions and rarities ranging ranging from Common, to Legendary. Alternatively, you can also purchase additional Gucci Vault Boxes from the Sandbox marketplace, with your $SAND (which is slightly more complicated, requiring you to swap your USD for SAND via a crypto exchange) so for newbies, let’s just stick to earning them by playing the quests shall we? 😉

Check out the video below to know what to expect when playing the game!

If you’s like to play, head on over register yourself for the game from now until November 9th!

Good luck everyone! The odds are high, because there will be a total of 10,000 winners. The Raffle draw will be happening on November 11th, after the event


And yep, I’m definitely gonna be playing the game! 😉


Images via The Sandbox

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