FENDI Men's Spring/Summer 19 Runway & Bags Report
21 June 2018

FENDI Men’s Spring/Summer 19 Runway & Bags Report

FENDI’s Men’s Spring/Summer 19 was all about the playful exploration of the dark side. Consisting wardrobe staples like tailored pants, blousons, anoraks, shirts, and raincoats; and for that athleisure vibe, say hello to sport shorts and knitted polo shirts. FF and Pequin stripe taping on waterproof gear gave us something that was quintessentially FENDI.

The collection explored the concept of dualities, inspired but the House’s “double F” logo. Dualities mainly revolved around anagramming to make opposites collide: FENDI/FIEND, ROMA/AMOR. “Fiend” signifies little demons, but also as aficionado. This ideas of duality also came in the form finding blackance between darkness and light, symbolised by the juxtaposition of contrasting colours by pairing red with black, yellow with brown, or white with brown.

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks

As with recent FENDI runway collections, a capsule collection by way of collaboration has become something that’s expected (think: the Fall/Winter 18 FENDI x FILA collab, and other collabs including those with digital artist @hey_reilly, painter Sue Tilley in 2017, and illustrator and sculptor John Booth in 2016). This time around, for the men’s SS19 collection, the House has partnered with artist Nico Vascellari, son-in-law of Silvia Venturini Fendi, whose illustrations can be seen throughout the collection, in the form of  FF-tongued Janus snakes, clawed frogs, and horned demons to create a mosaic pattern across the RTW and accessories including the bags and bucket hats. These mythical creatures were partly reminiscent of Alessandro Michele’s fantastical beasts in his Garden of Eden. Custom-illustrated playing cards also feature a FENDI monster as king, and Silvia Venturini Fendi as queen. Of course, a Karl reference was eminent, and this was personified as the joker who was nicknamed the JoKarl. And, for the lighter side, the artist also included the ROMA/AMOR motif stemming from a huge heart-shaped illustration in the centre.

Fendi Men's SS19 Runway Looks
Left-Right: JoKarl tee, ROMA/AMOR, FF-tongued Janus Snake motif by Nico Vascellari

Vascellari’s illustrations aside, his involvement in the collection extended beyond his illustrations and capsule. The artist was also involved in the designing of the show space, which featured a “blackout chamber”, a trompe l’oeil perspex cave featuring his illustrations that were made into a kinetic neon sculpture through which models had to step through to get onto the runway.

When it comes to the bags, the Men’s SS19 collection also saw the debut of the new Peekaboo X-Lite bag, along with crossbody pouches, clutches, totes, bum bags, as well as backpacks and what appears to be a sportier, more rugged version of the women’s Mon Trésor bucket bag.

Fendi SS19 Mens Bags Bucket Bag

Fendi SS19 Mens Bags Backpacks

Fendi SS19 Mens Bags Totes

Fendi SS19 Mens Bags

Fendi SS19 Mens Bags Clutches

Fendi SS19 Mens Peekaboo X-Lite

The Verdict: Love how FENDI incorporated the Pequin stripes which is as much a part of their DNA as the FF logo, but not too crazy about the Logomania. As for the bags, I’d actually kinda love the contrast-c0loured lightweight nylon Hobo bag, but my favourite would have to be the bucket bag, which looks as chic as it is functional. LOVE.


Images courtesy of FENDI