Burberry Men's Autumn/Winter 15 Runway and Bags Report
13 January 2015

Burberry Men’s Autumn/Winter 15 Runway and Bags Report

If the sneak peek teaser images that Burberry released last week were to give us a clue as to what Christopher Bailey had up his sleeve for the Mens Autumn/Winter 15 show runway yesterday, I’d say that those were pretty accurate hints. Though at first when I saw the leafy and flower motifs on the swatches of fabric in those photos, the first thought that came to mind was that it probably drew inspiration from Native American-Indian culture, especially the beigy hemp-like fabric which reminded me of teepees or wig-wams. But then the paisley bandana print threw me off, and if you remember,  it led me to speculate that it probably had something to do with a pirate theme instead.

For this Autumn/Winter 15 season, Claire Maguire sung live, providing the soundtrack to the runway show. After a short interlude by the singer, the first model walked out with a suede poncho-esque scarf with fringe detail – it was then that I realised my first hunch was right because that, coupled with the fringed clutch (more on that later, below) was, to me, reminiscent of Pocahontas. Then came the paisley prints commonly associated with the bandana as well as the floral motifs on shirts and outerwear. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it felt as though the leopards just sprung up from the shadows and pounced on us! They were everywhere! In the details, shirts, scarves, and even the trenches seemed to have transformed into this agile feline! And in a flash, the leopard leapt away, and in their place, the dressier looks that glittered and glimmered under runway lights, thanks to the mirrored embellishments on prints that also were seen on the oversized totes. While the prints on these remained distinctively American-Indian, the mirror details reminded me of another something else – this time, the “mirrors” commonly found cultural dress, and sometimes even on household items like curtains, particularly from the Indian region of Asia.

The main details, from the Men’s Autumn/Winter 15 collection was of course the fringe, mirrors, and to a lesser extent (but no less important!), shearling, which not only served as lining for outerwear, but also as details on the exterior of jackets.

In terms of the bags, only 2 silhouettes came down the runway. An oversized tote which came in various materials canvas, suede, leather and exotic skins, and a zip-top fringed clutch that can easily double as a tech case. In fact, these are 2 bags are pretty much unisex, thanks to the pretty colours they come in (hey, I could never say no to brights like fuchsia, mustard and emerald!), not to mention the oversized tote would make a great laptop and document carrier for the office for us females!

The runway show closed with a final walkthrough as silver confetti which seemed almost as if shards of glass were raining upon us and the models, which were, again reflected as the mirror embellishments did against the light for the closing looks of the show.

As per usual, Burberry is offering their Runway 2 Reality service from now until 26th January, where you can pre-order your favourite runway ready-to-wear, bags, and accessories and receive them approximately 3 months before they are officially launched in Burberry boutiques globally. Items such as outerwear and bags ordered only during this R2R period comes with a personalisation service, with your name engraved onto a plaque

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks again to Burberry for partnering with Bag Addicts Anonymous for another season, and for exclusive livestreaming rights! If you missed the livestream, you can still watch the FULL runway show via the on-demand video service

Images via Burberry