Saint Laurent's New Monogram
5 June 2014

Saint Laurent’s New Monogram

By now, you probably already know that I’m not a big fan of monograms. Okay that’s probably an understatement. Scratch that, regardless of whether it’s something that boldly screams the brand and thrusts it in anyone’s face even as you walk past it, or inconspicuous like Goyard, Faure Le Page or even yes, this new Saint Laurent Monogram, I ain’t a fan at all. But I do know that there are quite many of you out there who love monograms, or even those who don’t mind certain monograms but not others, then this post is for you.

Saint Laurent has recently launched the Monogram collection, that is made up of an interlocking YSL logo (in fact, I can hardly locate the “S” on this one, because only the “Y” and “L” are clear) designed in 1961 by Cassandre, the artist. And yes, like most monograms, it comes in coated canvas in a rather dark vintage-y sort of vibe in brown monogram against a black background.

The monogram collection is a 35-piece travel and accessories line that offers everything from cabin-sized trolleys, duffels and document cases, to SLGs such as tech cases, key fobs, clutches, wallets and cosmetic cases.


Images via Saint Laurent