A Postmodern Take on Bags: Stefan-Diez "Papier" Bag
2 August 2010

A Postmodern Take on Bags: Stefan-Diez “Papier” Bag

Renowned furniture designer Stefan Diez (pic above) and his wife, jewellery designer Saskia Diez collaborated on a project — the result? The birth of “Papier” bags, and aptly named as the bags are made of Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely lightweight (weighing in at 115 grams and 135 grams – see photos below) but yet waterproof and rip-proof and, 100% recyclable. According to a press release on Saskia-Diez.com, “The material is produced by Luxemburg based manufacturer DUPONT© and later on processed by specialists in several sites in Germany.” It was their quest for the ultimate lightweight travel bag that ultimately led to designing this innovative bag made of paper, and was debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2008/2009.

Before use, the bags look structured and sturdy (see pic of blue bag below) and creased when used (see 2nd pic).
135g bags look slightly more bowler-esque.Dimensions: 49×25×32cmPrice: €83.19 (€99.00 inc. VAT(MwSt.))

How it looks when it’s used.

Bags in midst of construction at the workshop.

115g bags look more like Tote/Document bags Dimensions: 36×20×41cmPrice: €83.19 (€99.00 inc. VAT(MwSt.))
All “Papier” bags are available at Saskia-Diez. Other designs such as a backpack as well as wallets are also available.

The Verdict: Postmodern it may be, but I know that for many of us out there, paper sounds rather dodgy and not worth forking close to 100 Euros. Personally, I like how it looks when it is new – ie. structured. However, I don’t really like it when it becomes creased. But that’s just me I suppose. A friend commented that the creases on the bag after use adds character, much like a chipped mug – you’ll always know that it’s yours because it’s chipped. Although I understand where he’s coming from, I still prefer the way it looks when it’s new.
What about you?

Images via Stefan Diez and Saskia Diez website.