Montblanc's Sartorial Calligraphy Leather Capsule Collection
2 December 2019

Montblanc’s Sartorial Calligraphy Leather Capsule Collection

Kudos to Montblanc for taking a bold leap forward and coming up with something totally different in comparison to their discreet emblem! Montblanc‘s latest Sartorial Calligraphy Capsule features a bold graffiti-styled lettering in white against black Saffiano leather goods and SLGs. Call it Montblanc’s new logo (just for the collection!) in an era of Logomania, if you will.

The 1990s trend of ‘logomania’ is here to stay with style mavens everywhere wearing iconic logos in ever bolder and creative ways. Instantly recognisable, the Montblanc logo has been reworked, reinvented and given a new treatment for this new leather capsule collection. Playful and bold, our reimagined visual identity is made for those who like to rewrite the rules, an unapologetic celebration of self-expression ~ Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Creative Director ~

Comprising a large backpack, zipped portfolio, and SLGs like a six slot card wallet, zip-around wallet, business card holder, pocket holder, 2-pen pouch in the style of a pencil case, and a refillable notebook holder, I guess one would traditionally consider this as a collection for men, but hey, I ain’t male but would gladly use these items, especially the pencil case, and the portfolio, because these days, almost everything is unisex, don’t you think? 😉


Image courtesy of Montblanc