Men's Fashion Week: Gucci Fall/Winter 2013 Bags
18 January 2013

Men’s Fashion Week: Gucci Fall/Winter 2013 Bags

The Verdict: Like we saw at Bottega Veneta’s Men’s Fall/2013 runway show, it seems as if it’s all back-to-work sorta bags, with a little bit of hand-carry luggage thrown into the mix for Gucci’s Men’s F/W 13 collection. Bamboo handle details which we hardly find on any of the Men’s bags are starting to make an appearance this season, as spotted on the backpack as well as the foldover messenger bag (last photo) which offers versatility by converting into a vertical tote – a style that’s more common on women’s bags. And it’s this foldover sling bag, that happens to be my favourite in the collection. What I don’t get, is the man clutch (which is fine!) that is cuffed ala wristlet-style onto the man which kinda reminded me of the cuffed Louis Vuitton Lockit from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. But a little awkward on a guy no matter how fashion forward he is, no? *shrugs* Thoughts?

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