Hermès SS19 Ombré Haut à Courroies For Men
22 April 2019

Hermès SS19 Ombré Haut à Courroies For Men

For many, the Hermès Birkin is considered as a “Holy Grail” Bag. Ask any bag lover and they’ll probably tell you that the Birkin is on their top of their lust list. Even if you had the moolah, the Birkin is super hard to come by, or get your hands on because, in economic-speak, the demand far outweighs the supply.

For Spring/Summer 19, the Haut à courroies gets the ombré treatment in gorgeous shades of indigo, violet, and aqua. And, since it comes in these colours, it’s understandable why this gradient edition in Togo calfskin is called the Cosmos. Now, if you’re wondering why it’s called the Haut à courroies (HAC) because it looks like the Birkin. But, the HAC is actually the original, designed in the 1800s, on which the Birkin was modelled after. Commonly used as a travel bag, the difference between the HAC and the Birkin is that it’s taller, fitted with shorter handles, and it comes in larger sizes, that only start upwards of 40cm.

Hermès SS19 Men's Birkin Oversized Blue Cosmos Ombré

Unfortunately, if  you’re female, and love the colours on this Cosmos edition of the HAC just as much as I do, I’m afraid it may be a little too oversized for us womenfolk. Here’s a mod shot to give you an idea of the actual size. But, the good news is, the Cosmos series, though also for Men, also comes in other smaller styles such as the Cityslide Cross (belt bag) and Plumewhich are super unisex.


Images courtesy of Hermès