Dior Homme Winter 2017 HARDIOR Bags
26 July 2017

Dior Homme Winter 2017 HARDIOR Bags

For Dior Homme’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection,  Creative Director Kris van Assche sought inspiration from the electronic dance music scene. He looked to techno, and specifically, gabber, which was a sub genre of techno that first came about in Rotterdam in the 1990s. From the huge squarish oversized sunglasses to way the male models’ hair was styled, the rave culture references were pretty obvious, and van Assche called the collection HarDior. And, while there were plenty of tailored suits in the collection, he also snuck in sweatshirts, bucket hats, and bags, with “HARDIOR” emblazoned on them. There were also flashes of red, orange or turquoise — perhaps, this was suggestive of the brightly-coloured fast-paced strobe lights that moved around according to the beat of the music during rave parties?

I guess at this point, you, just like me when I saw it, would be wondering what it means. Well, HARDIOR is actually an amalgamation of the words “Hardcore” (to further reinforce the partying scene because ravers are often hardcore partiers) and “Dior”. Now, here are the bags and accessories with HARDIOR on them:

Apart from bags, there are also other accessories like brooches which you could pin onto your blazers or sweaters, but my favourite is this teddy bear key fob, which, is totally unisex too!!

Images courtesy of Dior