Cartier's New Louis Cartier Bag Collection for Men
3 July 2014

Cartier’s New Louis Cartier Bag Collection for Men

Cartier has launched the Louis Cartier Leather Goods collection for Men, which is named after and takes inspiration from the great grandson of the brand’s very own founder, Louis-François Cartier.

Just like the new Jeanne Toussaint collection for women, the Louis Cartier collection for men is an embodiment of the fine craftsmanship and artistry. The caramel-coloured horizontal duffle bag in full-grain leather requires a thousand and one actions (and no, this isn’t a figure of speech as there are literally 1001 steps) – gluing, attaching, hammering, buffing, and stitching – before it is anywhere close to being a finished product.

15 metres of thread are required for the stitching on the Louis Cartier bag


The two finest skins selected (measuring over 5 square metres in total) are needed to form the entire surface of the Louis Cartier bag



Diamond-shaped signature logo



Expandable Gusseted sides are actually hidden beneath the exterior leather folds so that the bag is roomier and even when stuffed to the brim, wouldn’t look as if it’s about to bust open thanks to the clever buckle details which keep the bag in shape and in place.

Louis Cartier Duffel bag in Caramel

With the same attention to artistry and detail, the Louis Cartier briefcase makes the perfect work-travel companion to the duffel for your documents and business essentials and documents. Available in either black or caramel calfskin, the briefcase retails for RM11,500.

The Louis Cartier collection is now available at Cartier KLCC

Images courtesy of Cartier