Burberry Men's Spring/Summer 15 Bags and Show Review
18 June 2014

Burberry Men’s Spring/Summer 15 Bags and Show Review

Burberry debuted the Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection last night. After many seasons of the sand-coloured runway at their usual show space in Kensington Gardens, the runway was bright and colourful, with the same typography that we saw in pre-show sneak peek photos.

The show commenced right on the dot, with Benjamin Clementine taking his seat at the baby grand. If there’s one thing I love about Burberry’s shows, its definitely the live performances that provide the soundtrack to the runway show; it certainly takes the ‘live’ experience to a whole different level.

The show kicked off seconds later, and we see the models in colourful sneakers with equally bright ensembles to boot. In an earlier blogpost, with hints in the pre-show photos and on Burberry’s Instagram feed, with words like “cloudy” and “rainfall”, I thought that it had something to do with the unpredictable British weather. I was expecting to see umbrellas… LOTS of them. Instead, the models all came out onto the runway with semi-flopppy hats in a style that was rather unusual for the male. The bags, on the other hand, well, bag really (because there was only one),  the runway bag of the season, the satchel (more on this below including how you can get your hands on em! ;)), which either came in a solid coloured leather, or in the same painterly motif as the runway. And then came the finale, which, in true Burberry fashion, had the models walking in a single file, according to the colour of their outfits. It then struck me that it seemed as though Creative Director Christopher Bailey was, with the hats and everything, channelling the Zoot Suit of the 1940s; an updated version or a variation of that, if you will.


If you saw something on the runway that you liked, pre-order it from now until 24th June via Burberry’s Runway 2 Reality service, and get your items personalised with your name engraved on the brass/gold plaque that reads “Made For (insert name here)” and shipped to you 3 months before they hit Burberry boutiques globally!


Love Love Love “The Writer” one!!


The Verdict: While I don’t really fancy the solid coloured satchels, I’m absolutely in LOVE with the what I thought at first were portfolios which I had planned to use as a clutch  (and I certainly wouldn’t mind a few of them) turned out to be book covers upon closer inspection! Bummer! 🙁 And if you didn’t already know this about me, I love typography, be they tees with quirky/cute words, phrases or slogans on them (but not the parodic sort), so naturally, I’m loving the bags. Oh, my favourite bag of all? Is that one in  shades of blue with “The Writer” on it. Oh, did I mention that the collection was a homage to the writer Bruce Chatwin (hence the book cover inspiration)? Plus, I really like the sneakers too!

Images are all screen captures