Bottega Veneta's Clasp Bag
16 November 2020

Bottega Veneta’s Clasp Bag

Bottega Veneta‘s bags have been wildly popular ever since The Pouch made its debut. Now, for Fall/Winter 2020, they’ve introduced yet another clutch, but this time, with a squarish silhouette and a similar hinged pull apart closure, and it’s known as The Claspbecause it’s to be clasped in your palm. Utilising the same attention to detail and expertise needs to create the iconic Cabat that feels double-faced and “padded” making it not just more comfortable when carried in your palm, but also able to retain its structure and shape instead of having it “collapse”  and crease when you haven’t got it stuffed to the brim. Though this is from the Men’s collection, I’d say this is style pretty much unisex, don’t you think? 😉


Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta