Zaha Hadid For Bulgari B. Zero 1
21 March 2017

Zaha Hadid For Bulgari B. Zero 1

Originally inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, Bulgari’s iconic B. Zero 1 collection has been reinterpreted by world renowned architect, Zaha Hadid. Called  the new B. Zero 1 Design Legend Ring, Hadid’s versionreplaces the symmetrical spring-like bands on the B. Zero 1 with seemingly randomly placed wavy lines that form a squiggly pattern.

There are a total of 4 different styles in the Zaha Hadid collection: a 4-band ring in pink gold, a 3-band version in either white or pink gold, and a pendant in pink gold.

Zaha Hadid B.Zero 1Design Legend 3-band ring in pink gold, (RM, 7,700; SGD 2,730)
3-band ring in White Gold (RM 8,700;  SGD 3,060)


Zaha Hadid B.Zero 1Design Legend 4-band Ring in pink gold, (RM 9,400, SGD 3,290)

By now, you all probably already know that I love all things artsy fartsy, which is why I actually prefer this over the classic B. Zero 1 collection, because it’s much more ME y’know? I’m actually seriously contemplating between the necklace (left item in the first photo on top, RM 11,200; SGD 3,960), and the 3-band ring in pink gold. What do you think?

Images courtesy of Bulgari