Will It Be Tiffany & Co For Mother's Day?
4 May 2017

Will It Be Tiffany & Co For Mother’s Day?

Just looking at Tiffany & Co’s visual below has got me lusting over several beauties. But hey, let’s not get too self-absorbed now shall we, because it’s after all about Mother’s Day. 

As we have been told since 1949, in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. And with Mother’s Day being literally just around the corner, it’s a perfect way  celebrate the woman who had the most difficult task of them all – raising us – by picking out some diamonds for her, from Tiffany & Co., no less, because she well and truly deserves it, don’t you think?

My personal favourites in the accompanying visual above, are the “Diamonds By the Yard” Necklace in 18karat White Gold, and that beautiful ring with the Xs from the Jean Schlumberger collection, which  I can attest to, looks even better on the finger. In fact, I never really liked it much, but after trying it on, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Mothers being mothers, though, would probably tell you that it isn’t necessary to get her diamonds because they’re too extravagant. After all, she probably has already, throughout the years, drummed into our heads how it’s important to save for a rainy day, right?  So, if you think your mum would be more comfortable with something less lavish, then I’ve picked out Paloma’s Melody Five Band Ring in 18k gold, and the Tiffany CT60 Bicolour 3-Hand 34mm watch in 18k Rose Gold and Stainless Steel, along with the other 2 items – the Schlumberger Love Knot Earrings, and the Tiffany T Two Ring (which I personally love!) that Tiffany has curated for mum in the visual above.

So there you have it, would it be something more simple, or something sparkly and glittery for mum this Mother’s Day? Let me know which ones you’re leaning towards! 😉

Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.