The New Archi Dior Jewellery Collection
4 August 2016

The New Archi Dior Jewellery Collection

According to Monsieur Dior, he had always “wanted to be an architect; but as a couturier [he was] obliged to follow the laws and principles of architecture … A dress is a piece of architecture”. And it was this quote that served as the basis and foundation of the birth of the Archi Dior jewellery collection by Victoire de Castellane 2 years ago.

Milieu du Siècle collection

This year, the Archi Dior adds 8 new pieces to the line, inspired by the Cocotte houndstooth dress from Dior’s Spring/Summer 1948 collection with its volume swept to the back, along with the Milieu du Siècle line from the Autumn/Winter 1949 fashion show, based on the internal geometry of the fabrics.

The Cocotte design is reflected in the new asymmetric ring and necklace on white gold and diamonds, while the flow of the Milieu du Siècle line’s curves are visible on a gold and diamond necklace, in two pairs of white gold and diamond earrings, as well as 3 rings in white gold and diamonds, and rose gold, that come with and without diamonds.

Cocotte ring


Milieu du Siècle ring in rose gold with diamonds


Milieu du Siècle ring in rose gold without diamonds

My favourite piece is the last one, the Milieu du Siècle ring in rose gold without diamonds, because they look like clusters of bubbles, but mainly cos it’s the chunkiest of the lot – yes I like my accessories and jewellery chunky! 😉

Images courtesy of Dior