Psst! Bag Addicts Anonymous Is Expanding!
15 December 2014

Psst! Bag Addicts Anonymous Is Expanding!

Hello peeps,

As you may have already noticed (or not), since last month (November 2014), Bag Addicts Anonymous has started to incorporate other luxury accessories, specifically Fine Jewellery and Luxury Timepieces. Yes, I know that although this is supposed to be a bag blog,  but I thought the time was ripe for expansion. Some have said that I should start re-branding the blog. I toyed with the idea of setting up a sister site and calling it Luxe Addicts Anonymous since I plan to include other luxury items in the future, but I’ve decided that the blog will remain as Bag Addicts Anonymous, because it has already become a brand in itself. I certainly wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of building up a reputation for a rebranded site from scratch again, especially while being enrolled as a PhD candidate. So, consider this a formal introduction and welcome note, to the newest categories of the blog: Fine Jewellery (as opposed to fine costume jewellery – read: designer accessories ala Chanel pearls), and Luxury watches (yes something for the men too! hurrah!) In fact, if you look at the navigation bar on top, you’d notice that I’ve added a “Categories” tab too! The list will grow longer as I start covering on new categories (shoes, designer accessories and such are in the pipeline so stay tuned!)

Anyway, I certainly couldn’t have started the expansion process with the support of luxury watch and fine jewellery brands like Bulgari, Cartier, and Jaeger-LeCoultre to kick-start these new categories. Thank you for believing in me and partnering with Bag Addicts Anonymous on this endeavour!

I’d also like to introduce Nurul Jannah a.k.a. Laydeh, a new contributor to the blog, who’ll be writing (and has already started doing so) most of the posts concerning these 2 new segments!

Have a fab week, and thank you for your support!