Prada Debuts Fine Jewellery Collection
23 May 2019

Prada Debuts Fine Jewellery Collection

Prada‘s fashion jewellery collections have always been extremely popular, particularly the leather bracelets which I’m a huge fan of! Even the jewellery from runway collections, especially the “talismans” from a couple of seasons back were wildly popular, particularly with the men. Now, the storied Italian House has just dropped their first ever fine jewellery collection in 18k gold, and let me tell you, they’re adorable.

From guitars, roses and rabbits, and of course Prada’s iconic elements like robots, bananas, and the brand’s triangular logo, you can find them all in gold and diamonds, in the form of earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. And, if you’re wondering how the diamonds are sourced, rest assured, they come from suppliers who have been certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC): a non-profit organisation founded in 2015 whose mission is to ensure and promote responsible practices from an ethical, social, and environmental point of view with respect for human rights in the handling of metals and precious stones, in every step of the process.

Prada Fine Jewellery Electric Guitar necklace Prada Fine Jewellery Rose Necklace 18k rose gold

Though rocker chick I am not (and never will be, lol!), my favourites in the collection would definitely have to be everything with the electric guitars on them, especially the earrings which regrettably, I am not able to wear because my ears aren’t pierced *whines*. Perhaps it’s just the musician in me gravitating towards a musical instrument. Or maybe I just love the combination of gold and white gold on the guitars because I’ve always been a fan of mixing metals, way before they even started trending. On the other hand, the single rose across the necklace kinda reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, or you could opt for the rabbits for that Alice in Wonderland moment. Okay, clearly, I’ve got fairytales on the brain right now.

Watch out for this adorable debut fine jewellery collection which will be making its way to Prada boutiques globally, this month!


Images courtesy of Prada