Piaget's Golden Oasis High Jewellery Collection
16 October 2019

Piaget’s Golden Oasis High Jewellery Collection

Piaget‘s newly launched Golden Oasis High Jewellery Collection takes inspiration from a desert landscape, particularly the subtle changes of colour from dusk till dawn in this sparse natural environment. Divided into three sub-collections, namely, Play of Lights, Desert Minerals, and Native Bloom, each of which is represented by a particular precious gemstone that best reflects its narrative.

As its name suggests, Play of Lights, is all about the blazing sun and star-studded sky when night falls. So, what better gemstone to reflect this, other than the yellow diamond with its warm, yet brilliant, glow?

Piaget Golden Oasis Golden Hour Necklace

In fact, it took an entire year for Piaget’s gemologist to gather all the diamonds that make up this trio. The star of this set, that pays homage to the sun, is the Golden Hour necklace, with a 6.63 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond at its centre, sprinkled with marquise-cut yellow and pure white diamonds, that required a total of 450 hours to complete.

Piaget Golden Oasis Blue Waterfall Necklace

The Desert Minerals family is a celebration of sun-soaked rocks and rippling crystal pools and bodies of water, that are oh so hard to come by, in a desert. Since it’s all about water, this 4 piece collection – made up of a pair of earrings, a ring, a transformable necklace, and a timepiece – showcases the blue sapphire. The heroine of the collection is the Blue Waterfall necklace with graduated shades of blue sapphires to recreate the flow of water, with  a 14.61 carat cushion-cut blue Madagascan sapphire that dangles from it. The bottom part of the dangling motif under the sapphire can be removed, for a simpler look.

Piaget Golden Oasis Collection Luxuriant Oasis Necklace

Completing the Holy Trinity of the Golden Oasis, is the Native Bloom, an ode to wild flowers and desert flora. Since the Luxuriant Oasis family in the family is about all things leafy, the emerald (one of my favourite stones!) steals the show. Piaget’s gemologist also took one year to accumulate all the emeralds used for this collection, selecting from only the rarest and finest in terms of quality. Once again, it is the Luxuriant Oasis necklace, with its undulating curves reminiscent of meandering river shores, that shines the brightest in the family. Featuring several rows of marquise-cut emeralds with a pear-shaped 3.01 carat brilliant-cut diamond suspended at the bottom, which can be detached and worn on its own, as a solitaire.


Seriously lovelies, you really need to view the collection up close, because these pictures don’t do the dazzling collection justice at all! #notsponsored


Images courtesy of Piaget