Piaget Introduces Trendier Petal Design for the 2020 Rose Collection
11 November 2020

Piaget Introduces Trendier Petal Design for the 2020 Rose Collection

A Piaget icon, the Rose has become so imbued into the its DNA that it has become synonymous with the Maison.  The Rose collection is actually named after an actual flower — the award-winning rose named after the founder Yves Piaget himself, which has 80 layers of petals, with colours ranging from light pink to vibrant fuchsia, and a distinct hint of citrus that emanates from these blooms. If you’re wondering how this happened, well, let’s just say that his fascination with roses and commitment to promoting this flower that’s often associated with love and romance eventually led to MEILLAND International (a company specialising in breeding roses) naming their award-winning rose creation in honour of Yves Piaget, after having won the International New Rose Competition.

Piaget then debuted the Piaget Rose jewellery collection in 2012 to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose. Fast forward to 2020, 8 years after the introduction of the original Those, the Maison has reinterpreted the iconic rose with a trendier, and more updated petal design reflected in their latest jewellery creations.

First up, is the rose gold set, complete with a pendant, ring, and earrings with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds, 26 brilliant-cut diamonds, and 70 brilliant-cut diamonds, respectively, with both the ring and pendant feature a chain that holds a mobile diamond. The white gold set, comes almost entirely paved with diamonds, comprising a fully-paved ring with 63 brilliant-cut diamonds, a pendant with 91 brilliant-cut diamonds, and, earrings with 180 brilliant-cut diamonds, also with the mobile diamond.

Piaget Rose 2020 Long Necklace Double Loop White Gold

And then there are the chunkier creations, where chains seem to be the theme running though these new additions, well, except for the earrings, of course. Here, there are 6 new additions, all of which, are in 18k white gold: the bracelet with the eternal rose at its centre, with 3 mobile chains with 181 brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 marquise-cut diamonds strategically placed on the chains to catch the light; a pair of earrings set with 282 brilliant-cut diamonds; a 42-45cm double chain necklace with the rose at its centre, from which 4 dangling decorative diamond-set chains dangle are made from 170 brilliant-cut diamonds and 6 mariquise-cut diamonds to complement your deep V evening gown perfectly; a long 80cm necklace features 2 openworked roses on 3 white gold chains is set with 346 brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 marquise-cut diamonds for that perfect Gatsby feel; and another long necklace (95cm) that’s somewhat simpler and less decorative than the rest, but still no less elegant, features the Rose motif in alternating sizes and styles of roses in either 18k white or rose gold, some of which are fully set with gemstones, while others have diamonds set on their inner petals , or have a solitaire at its centre.

Ah, such great additions to an already iconic collection, don’t you think? We personally love the rose gold earrings, and the long white gold necklace, especially when looped twice around the neck! What about you? Do you prefer the new, or the classic Rose design?


Images courtesy of Piaget