Lucky Dior Signet Rings
30 August 2016

Lucky Dior Signet Rings

Monsieur Dior was known to be a superstitious man. With this in mind, Victorie de Castellane, the Maison’s jewellery designer, has designed the Lucky Dior collection of signet rings, or rather, lucky charm rings embellished with natural stone. Each ring has the House’s lucky symbols: the bee, Lilly of the Valley, Clover, Rose, Star, Oval, and the CD initials.

Available in either rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold, here’s a little bit of the significance behind each of Monsieur Dior’s lucky charms.

The Bee is a metaphor for the Dior Atelier at 30 Avenue Montaigne. The seamstress were nicknamed “bees” because they busily worked together like a swarm of bees, with loads of energy, while putting the collection together in the days leading up to Dior’s shows. As Monsieur Dior noted in his memoir, “a small hive filled to bursting, that’s what my house was like when I presented my first collection“. Also an insignia of the Dior Homme collections, the ring features the bee in rose gold against black onyx — a symbol of vitality.

The Lily-of-the-Valley: For the Dior founder, this flower symbolises happiness and also announces the arrival of the Spring season and Haute Couture. He also used to sew a dried sprig of the bloom to the hem of each dresses.  The flower in white gold, is set against pale rose quartz, a sign of love.

The Clover is known to bring good luck. Monsieur Dior used to carry a clover along with his other lucky charms in his pocket, daily. The Lucky signet clover ring in white gold comes with a green Amazonite stone, this signifying confidence.

The Rose is reminiscent of his childhood garden in Granville. It is also symbolic of his love for his mother, who inspired his affinity for the feminine. The gold rose is paired with navy blue Lapis Lazuli, a mark of wisdom.

The Star is particularly significant, as Monsieur Dior is said to have come across a star while laying on the ground when he was about to make a life-altering decision. Taking this as a divine sign, he found the courage to open his own couture house. The star was kept as another lucky charm ever since. On the ring, we find the golden star with Tiger Eye, a protective stone.

The Oval might be something familiar to all of us because we constantly see it all around the Dior boutiques. Whether on the boxes and perfume bottles with a bow on top, or on the medallion-back chairs, it is one of the House’s iconic details. In yellow gold on a flourite stone, it is thought of as an emblem that  provides protection and harmony.

The stories behind each ring has certainly got me intrigued. And he great thing about it is that it has a unisex appeal simply because it’s so chunky!

Images courtesy of Dior