Les Galaxies de Cartier Limited Edition Jewellery Collection
28 February 2019

Les Galaxies de Cartier Limited Edition Jewellery Collection

Cartier has launched Les Galaxies de Cartier, a Limited Edition collection of fine jewellery. As its name suggests, it’s all about the cosmos. The result? Three-dimensional jewellery pieces that are designed with movement, atomic phenomena, and its particles that make up the universe, in mind. Les Galaxies de Cartier is also, in a sense, an experimental collection that defies the laws of jewellery-making, by building on new materials, and on unprecedented visual, tactile, and sound sensations. In short, these pieces are not just visually appealing, but also involves, and stimulates, your other senses.

Les Galaxies de Cartier Tahitian pearl ring Les Galaxies de Cartier Tahitian pearl cuff

The key pieces from this  Limited Edition collection include Tahitian pearls on two white gold cage cuffs, conceptually based around the alignment of the planets. Here, the jewellery becomes a rotation of spheres with the pearls rolling against your skin.

And, as with any conversations about the universe, the subject of asteroids and meteors are inevitable. Cartier includes these crystallised rocks as part of the collection. Fractal meteors come to life with pink gold, diamonds, moonstone, and milky quartz take the form of a stardust-like design in a combination of textures: paved (diamonds), cut (moonstone) and polished (pink gold). This is one of my favourite pieces from the limited edition collection. Apart from jewellery, it also comes as a jewellery clasp on an evening bag!

Les Galaxies de Cartier Fractal Meteorite Ring Les Galaxies de Cartier Fractal Meteorite Evening Bag

Next, we have a bulbous spherical ring (also available as a bracelet or oversized pendant), based around the idea of how the Earth looks like, when viewed from space at night. This globular piece is adorned with a smattering of stones, particularly yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, fiery opals, and diamonds. But guess what, the stones are not just set atop the ring, but mounted upon a rail which acts like a continuous groove, making each and every stone movable by sliding them along the rail. How cool is that?

Les Galaxies de Cartier ring

Last, but certainly not the least, is yet another of my favourites. Serving as a representation of the Milky Way with its solar systems and black holes, you’ll find diamonds encased in a transparent bubble-effect dome, mounted using a trembling setting, an original Cartier technique known as seri vibrantYou may have seen the diamonds bouncing around on springs in some of their Limited Edition watches, but miniaturised and used in the art of fine jewellery-making. The base on which these jewellery capsules rest, is made of metaquartzite, used for the first time in Cartier jewellery. MAJOR love for this one right here, which is why I saved the best for last! 😉

Les Galaxies de Cartier ring Les Galaxies de Cartier bracelet

People often say the sky is the limit, but Cartier has shown us how far they’ve taken fine jewellery-making, and pushed it up, up, away, and beyond, into the galaxy, literally.


Images courtesy of Cartier