Introducing: Tiffany's T Colour Collection
6 November 2019

Introducing: Tiffany’s T Colour Collection

Ever since its debut, Tiffany & Co.‘s Tiffany T  has been one of the brand’s most popular collections. Now, the brand has just launched Tiffany Colour, which is basically, the Tiffany T dressed up in turquoise,  black onyx, and mother-of-pearl which has a gorgeous marbled effect, on both the Tiffany square rings, and wire bracelet.

Tiffany T Colour Square Rings Tiffany T Colour Wire Bracelets

The Tiffany T Full Circle 19k rose gold pendants are reimagined with black onyx, pink opal, and mother of pearl, with a halo of round brilliant diamonds going all the way round the gemstones.


Tiffany T Colour Full Circle Pendants

Wow, the simple addition of coloured gemstones certainly gives the original Tiffany T collection a whole new vibe, doesn’t it? Tiffany Colour is super feminine and sweet in comparison! My favourites would definitely have to be the square ring with the mother-of-pearl and the diamonds, and the pink opal Full Circle pendant because the pink and the rose gold are a perfect match. The collection is certainly a breath of fresh air!


Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.