Father's Day Gifting Ideas From Tiffany & Co
14 June 2017

Father’s Day Gifting Ideas From Tiffany & Co

When we think of Tiffany & Co, we usually think of jewellery, diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding band sets, and usually for the woman. But hey, Tiffany has quite a wide selection of accessories and jewellery for men too, which, to me, are totally unisex. In fact, because of my love for chunky accessories, I’ve actually purchased some of their  jewellery from the men’s collection, because most items like the cuffs and rings, are totally unisex, especially if you, like me, prefer less dainty rings with a broader band. So, since Father’s Day is literally just around the corner with a few days left to go,  I’ll be sharing with you my my Top 3 Picks which are Daddy-, and even Godfather- (no, not in the mafioso sense) appropriate.

First up, is this Tiffany East West 3 Hand Watch in Stainless Steel. Although it’s in a gorgeous and intense shade of Midnight Blue, what really drew me to this Automatic watch, is the orientation of the dial, which makes it so unique. I mean, how many watches can we think of that this kinda dial? This is something I’d totally rock on my own wrist too, because honestly, I’ve borrowed and worn many of my dad’s watches before!

And speaking of something I’d borrow from Daddy, well, my Dad isn’t one who wears rings, but hey, this Tiffany T Two Ring in 18k White Gold with Diamonds can work if your dad sports a more rugged look and doesn’t mind rings accented with a tad of bling. If you’re concerned about not being able to fit, well, you can wear this either on your index finger or thumb too? Get it for your Dad, but you can steal it off him too – it’s like getting a two-for-one deal because you get to wear it! 😉

And last but certainly not the least, is this Out of Retirement “Money” Money Clip in 18k Gold. Because I’m all for quirk and this is just super fun don’t you think? Nothing like a money clip that practically has it’s own “Money Money Money” chant or mantra going on to attract more money right? lol And okay part of why this made my top 3 is also because I’m a Massive ABBA fan even though their music isn’t really from my era given that I’m a Millenial.

Which of these are you likely to pick out for daddykins for Father’s Day? If you don’t see something your dad may like here, head on over to the Tiffany & Co boutique because I’m sure they would have something suitable for your dad! (Note: This is NOT and ad, but just because I’ve been a  HUGE Tiffany fan and supporter for over 10 years now 😉 )

Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co