Dior's Rose Des Vents Heart Motif Bracelets
5 February 2020

Dior’s Rose Des Vents Heart Motif Bracelets

Is it me, or has it just been one festivity after another since Christmas? My, my, it was just a week ago that we celebrated the Lunar New Year, and now, it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day already! If you’re looking for a gift for a special someone, Dior‘s latest Rose Des Vents Heart motif bracelets could be the way to go!

Joining the medallion-inspired Rose Des Vents family, is Victoire de Castellane’s latest creation for Dior Joaillerie: a beaded double heart motif with a diamond on one of the hearts, with gold beads encircling the medallion in 18-karat yellow gold, on either red ceramic or mother-of-pearl. Give your loved one the gift of love, because after all, nothing says “I Love You” more than some heart-themed jewellery with a hint of sparkle, don’t you think? 😉