Dior à Versailles, Pièces Secrètes 2018 Fine Jewellery Collection
4 January 2018

Dior à Versailles, Pièces Secrètes 2018 Fine Jewellery Collection

As we know, Versailles, particularly the palatial residence of King Louis XVI, which was also one of Marie Antoinette’s favourite haunt, forms the basis for quite a number of Dior’s Haute Joaillerie collections.

This latest collection by Dior Joaillerie’s Artistic Director, Victorie de Castellane, is no exception. And, just like the Palace of Versailles and its hidden secret passageways and rooms, this Dior à Versailles, Pièces Secrètes collection for 2018 is all about appearing as an ornate piece of jewellery at first glance, only to concealed wonders beneath it all, thanks to the intricately designed mechanisms, and variety of settings embedded within the design. This 36-piece collection is all about finding sculpted mirrors in rings, or a cleverly pivoted diamond to reveal a stone beneath a stone; all of which, are inspired by antique “mechanical jewels”.

“Vanité Emeraude” Necklace in Yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, emerald and colour change garnets
“Cachette Béryl Vert” Earrings in White gold, Yellow Gold, diamonds, and green beryls
“Vanité Pierre De Lune” Earrings in White gold, diamonds, moonstones, sapphires, and pink sapphires
“Volupté Spinelle Bleu” Ring in Yellow gold, pink gold, diamonds, and blue spinel


“I wanted to use chiaroscuro stones in shades of faded rose, reds verging on purple, iridescent moonstones and more intense sky blues. The colours themselves seem a little mysterious, like antique silks”  – Victorie de Castellane –

Images courtesy of Dior