Dior Joaillerie: The New Rose Céleste Collection
28 December 2018

Dior Joaillerie: The New Rose Céleste Collection

By now, all of us are pretty familiar with Dior‘s Rose Des Vents jewellery which first made its debut in 2015. Just like the Rose Des Vents, the new Rose Céleste, with its medallion-like talisman bracelets and necklaces, is an extension of its ancestor. The ethos of the collection, too, remains similar, as the collection draws inspiration from Monsieur Dior’s penchant for superstition, particularly divination and astrology — the Dior founder is known to always have good-luck charms with him, with a clairvoyant which he regularly consulted.

Dior Joaillerie Rose Céleste Bracelets

For the new Rose Céleste collection, Dior Joaillerie’s Artistic Director, Victoire de Castellane focuses on the Moon and the Sun, in this collection. On one side, you’d notice a mother-of-pearl Moon with 3 little white gold stars set on an onyx disc, which works perfectly to juxtapose their brilliance, going off the effect of stars twinkling in the night sky. On the other side, sits a majestic Sun chiseled in yellow gold, with nine rays of various sizes emanating from it, shining brightly against a mother-of-pearl background. The ornamental stones have also been polished to reveal a curved surface, encased with a rice-grain finish.

The Rose Céleste is available as bracelets and necklaces, which come in 2 different lengths.


Images courtesy of Dior