Cartier Launches Clash de Cartier Supple and XL
17 February 2021

Cartier Launches Clash de Cartier Supple and XL

Launched in 2019, the Clash de Cartier collection is the Maison’s cool, youthful, and edgy collection with three dimensional spike-like studs, beads, and clous carrés. While they look stiff and sharp, the pieces are extremely malleable. This year, Cartier expands the collection with the addition of a chunkier range, the Clash de Cartier XL, and a more flexible variation, the Clash de Cartier Supple.

Clash de Cartier Supple Necklace and Bracelet


If you thought the original collection was supple, you should meet the new Clash de Cartier Supple because it’s everything that the original was, X2! Bet you didn’t think that was possible, eh? This new Supple collection features a rose gold necklace and bracelet.

Clash de Cartier XL Necklace and Ring Clash de Cartier XL Bracelet and Earrings

However, if you’re a fan of chunkier fine jewellery, you’d love the Clash de Cartier XL, because everything has been supersized. Comprising a beaded and studded ring, earring, necklace and bracelet, the pieces are bold, gutsy, and bursting with character. Oh and it’s definitely something you can wear if you want to make a statement.


Now, are you Team Chunky XL or Team Supple?


Images and video courtesy of Cartier