Cartier Introduces New Additions to the Clash de Cartier Family
10 June 2020

Cartier Introduces New Additions to the Clash de Cartier Family

Last year, Cartier debuted the Clash de Cartier collection. With its combination of studs which looked more like spikes, cloys carrés and beads, it exuded an edgier vibe with a whole lotta attitude, without being overly chunky, making them perfect for stacking and layering like how Kaya Scodelario does, right here.

Clash de Cartier Stacking Bracelets and Rings Kaya Scodelario

Following its introduction in rose gold and yellow gold, the 2020 add-ons to the collection, are bracelets and rings in white gold. Oh and guess what? The pieces are completely unisex, so feel free to share them with your man or partner!  This year, Cartier also introduces a new Limited Edition edition, with yellow gold studs that are fused with amazonite (not to be confused with turquoise despite its colour) in the form of a bracelet, ring, and ear cuff.

Though they look spiky, these creations are supple and movable when to the touch, and are interconnected using a brilliant mechanism developed by the Cartier workshops that precisely calibrates each spike to magnetise the forces so that the studs are held in place. And if you’re worried about these pieces “biting” your wrist or neck, well, no chance of that ever happening because the underside of the pieces are scalloped to ensure that it sits comfortably on your body.

And, because this has got a slightly “tougher” vibe, the Clash de Cartier and Juste un Clou collections, are my personal favourites.


Images and video courtesy of Cartier