Cartier Debuts "Magnitude" High Jewellery Collection
21 August 2019

Cartier Debuts “Magnitude” High Jewellery Collection

Cartier has just debuted Magnitude collection, made up of precious stones, diamonds, and ornamental hard stones – elements that are rarely ever put together in high jewellery. An unexpected twist, if you will. Yep, we’re talking about combinations of diamond and rutilated quartz, sapphire and matrix opal, emeralds with rock crystals, and pink diamond designed with morganite and coral; all of which create the perfect juxtaposition between opacity and transparency, the mineral and the precious. The collection comprises a total of 4 necklaces, a cuff, and a secret watch.

Cartier Magnitude Aphélie necklace Tiger Eye

A golden brown rutilated quartz cabochon sits at the centre of this bold earthy-toned Aphélie necklace, flanked by alternating morganite and coral beads between jagged diamonds set with onyx edges. Look hard enough, and you’lll also see some pink diamonds.

Cartier Magnitude Theia Emerald Necklace

The Théia is all about geometry and optical illusions. Made up of seven perfect round-shaped Colombian emeralds, nestled inside levelled rock crystal motifs, are  arranged in a “Y” formation. The reverse of the rock crystal section, faceted throughout, is designed to add extra sparkle to the emeralds. When worn against the skin, it’s invisible to the naked eye. Little triangles of black onyx almost like arrows, create the illusion of a rippling effect. And, as with Cartier and their hidden secrets embedded in their jewellery, there’s an additional pendant at the clasp on the back. But wait, we’re not done yet. The Maisonn pendant at the centre can also be removed and worn as a brooch or a simple chain. Talk about transformable, eh – with the Théia, it’s basically 3 pieces of jewellery in one!

Cartier Magnitude Yuma Necklace

The sunniest of the 4 necklaces, is the Yuma, made up of diamonds ranging from golden yellow to brown, in various cuts and arranged in such a manner to create a gradient effect.  The more three-dimensional “U-shaped” design contrasts perfectly against the flatter bottom that dangles off it, which, to me, is reminiscent of a fish.

Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Equinoxe Necklace

The Équinoxe is my favourite out of the 4 necklaces. Orange, white, yellow diamonds, and an octagonal orange-toned yellow sapphire at the centre, form a web-like motif, supported by lapis lazuli beads, which holds everything together. Think of the centre stone as the sun shining amongst the constellations in the starry night sky. In short, providing the perfect contrast between night and day.

Cartier Magnitude Terra Cuff

Thanks to its similar warmth in tones, the Zemia cuff would be the perfect companion to the Aphélie necklace. Although quite a unique contrast of colours, the blue and purple sapphires framing the 77.27 carat matrix opal immediately draws our attention to instead of away from, the centre. Round, faceted, and flashy briolettes all dance happily together in this statement cuff.

Cartier Magnitude Soreli Bracelet

Hidden under the cabochon-cut rutilated quartz, the Art Deco-Styled Soreli bracelet, is actually a secret watch! The translucent centrepiece, is flanked by kite-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds. The Maison shines the brightest with this piece from the Magnitude collection because this complex creation – look for the tiny button to open the cabochon “cover” halfway, and with the flick of a finger, the watch’s dial is revealed – requires a two-phase mechanism that is one of the Maison’s signatures.

Now, how’s that for delving into the Magnitude of it all, eh? 😉


Images courtesy of Cartier