Bulgari Launches b.Zero 1 Rock Jewellery Collection
19 February 2020

Bulgari Launches b.Zero 1 Rock Jewellery Collection

After celebrating 20 years of the iconic b.Zero 1 collection last year, Bulgari has debuted an edgier version called the b.Zero 1 Rock collection. Call it a close cousin, if you will.

Bulgari bzero1 Rock wide band rings

Taking a similar shape and form from the original b.Zero 1, which took inspiration from the Colosseum in Rome with bands in the middle (ranging from 1 up to as many as 5 bands) as homage to the Tubogas pattern the new b.Zero 1 Rock replaces these bands with pyramidical studs going all the way round. In comparison to the bands and even the curved lines of the Zaha Hadid interpretations of the b.Zero 1, the studs are indeed a bold move (but totally up my alley!!!) in comparison. And just like that, they look like a breath of fresh air, almost as if they’re totally new creations altogether. But, if gold isn’t your jam, there are also versions that come in black ceramic that’s a little more rock ‘n’ roll, not to mention, great for the guys!

bulgari bzero 1 rock bracelet single black ceramic single band ring

Bulgari bzero1 Rock unisex black ceramic bangles wide band ring

bulgari bzero1 rock necklaces and rings

Rings aside, bracelets, earrings (including the ear cuff that you see on the guy above!), and necklaces will also be available, but these will be rolled out at a slightly later date.

I don’t know about you peeps, but this collection is certainly rock-ing my world! As a massive fan of chunky rings, the 3 band studs with pavé diamonds are certainly my fave.


Images via Bulgari