Tory Burch's Valentine's Day Accessories
10 February 2017

Tory Burch’s Valentine’s Day Accessories

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have already known or realised by now that I’m a massive fan of leather cuffs and bracelets or well, arm swag in general. So when I saw these lip and heart motif double tour bracelets by Tory Burch for Valentine’s Day, I was super excited and had to feature it right away — the initial plan was to actually publish this blogpost on Monday next week.

As for the earrings, my ears aren’t pierced at all (cue audible gasp) so the earrings are just, well, meh, to me, but the bracelets are just totally ME, don’t you think? Between the two bracelets though, I personally prefer the electric blue one with the lips because there’s so much more punch and contrast there, plus, it’s much more fun than the hearts one, don’t you think? A plus point is that none of these V Day-themed accessories would actually burn a hole in your pocket either! 😉 Thank me later!

Images courtesy of Tory Burch