The Deets on the upcoming Hermès "Studies in Silver" Exhibit at Pavilion KL Next Week!
29 August 2013

The Deets on the upcoming Hermès “Studies in Silver” Exhibit at Pavilion KL Next Week!

You’re invited to the Hermès “Studies in Silver” exhibit at the Hermès boutique in Pavilion!

While Hermès is known best for their leather goods and accessories (hel-lo, anyone not heard about the Birkin and Kelly? Most probably not!) and of course their silk scarves, they’re pretty big on jewellery too! And no, I’m not talking about the enamelled, Clic-Clac bangles, or the CDC cuffs. Instead, I’m talking about precious metals here, particularly silver.

Of particular interest to me, and of course my absolute favourite, is the Chaîne d’ancre-themed (you know, the one that looks like interlinked horse bits – see photo above) bracelets, bangles, necklaces and rings, so I can’t wait to see them.

The exhibit will feature the iconic Hermès pieces jingling and jangling away placed on moving metallic turntables, which is, itself, a work of art, “coax[ing] from it its own particular voice … [sounding together, transforming into] an experimental symphony”. There will be 10 totems with with animated videos of the sketches of the Maison’s Creative Director for Jewellery, Pierre Hardy.

The Sound of Hermès silver is a performance initiated in collaboration with United Visual Artist (UVA), the British design practise under the direction of Caswell Coggins, with music by YoggyOne.

The “Studies in Silver” Exhibit will take place at the Hermès store in Pavilion KL from the 5th to 11th September between 10am to 10pm, and you’re all invited! You’d also be able to not only view the jewellery but also to feel it and play around with the silver pieces at the store! Be prepared to be wowed!

For more info visit the dedicated Sound of Silver website here 

Images courtesy of Hermès