FENDI Introduces the Pico Baguette
20 March 2020

FENDI Introduces the Pico Baguette

If you thought the Micro and Nano Baguettes were tiny, think again! FENDI debuts an even teensier variation, known as the Pico Baguette, which gets its name from the smallest unit of measurement – yep, it’s totally a real thing!  Check out the image below for a size comparison between its brothers and sisters in the Baguette family, and yes, it also comes with a fully-functionablw iconic FF buckle closure, naturally!

Fendi Pico Baguette Size Comparison Guide

Measuring just 4 x 4 cm, the Pico Baguette was initially meant to be a fancy luxed-up version of the AirPods holder or carrier with its intricate embroideries, micro and macro beads with some, even embellished with fringes. But guess what? with its long chain, its uses are really up to the imagination! Wear it crossbody, use it as a coin purse, style it as a long or short necklace (just double up the chain for the latter), or fasten it onto your bag and use it as a bag charm – or however else you’d like to, really!

Oh, if you want something even more iconic, there’s also a version in FENDI yellow, and a bicolour Pequin stripe version with fringing because nothing says Fendi more than this 😉


Images courtesy of FENDI