BAA x Hermès: How To Style The Petit Bow Tie!
2 July 2015

BAA x Hermès: How To Style The Petit Bow Tie!

Apart from the Holy Grail of all bags (i.e. the Birkin), Hermès is also known for their silk scarves. And today, let me introduce you to the latest Hermès silk creation: the mini bow tie for women! Okay, I know you’re possibly thinking it’s probably pointless because “how many women out there even wear a bow tie?” but here’s what I discovered. Sure, it can be worn as a bow tie as it is, but like any other Hermès silk accessory, you can be assured that it’s something that’s very versatile!

But, instead of telling you how it can be done and letting you leave it to your imagination trying to understand what I mean, I collaborated with Hermès to show you what other creative ways I came up with, to style and wear the petit bow tie, rather than as a bow tie! 😉

The above, was the basic look I started with… and since I had 2 bow ties to style, here are the results!

Option 1: bag accessory. You can either twirl it around your bag handle in the following 2 ways:

Option 2: Adjust to the appropriate length, and then wear it as a bracelet, either by twirling it around twice, or in the criss-cross manner like in the 2nd photo below. Alternatively, you can also wear it on your upper arm as you would an armband!

Option 3: on your hair, either as a hair tie (make sure you secure it with a ponytail holder first), or a headband (for which you need to join 2 bow ties)

Option 4: on the ankle to snazz up your shoes and feet, or if you like playing with prints, as I have done below

Option 5: Give that plain sleeveless top a pop of colour. And, as shown, they don’t really have to be in the same prints or colours. Mix and match colours and prints, to make your outfit less blah, and more fun! 😉

If you have little ones or infants, you could smarten up your baby boy’s look by letting him wear it as a bow tie, or if you have a newborn baby girl, you know those elastic headbands that rest on their forehead? You could achieve that look with the Hermès Petit bow tie too! I don’t have photos of those  because, well, I didn’t borrow anyone’s babies or children, haha.

So, what do you think? How would you wear it? Do leave a comment below if you can think of other creative ways that I haven’t thought of, to wear the bow tie!


First image courtesy of Hermès
All other images shot by Timotheus Krahl
Art direction and Styling: Bag Addicts Anonymous
Models: Bag Addicts Anonymous and Jowee