Cartier's Clash [Un]Limited Capsule Collection
1 September 2021

Cartier’s Clash [Un]Limited Capsule Collection

If you thought the Clash de Cartier collection was edgy, Cartier outdoes itself yet again, with the launch of the new Clash [Un]Limited Capsule Collection. Continuing on in the same vein with the chunkier Clash XLthis Capsule features fully studded, bold jewellery with Clash‘s signature spikes, in white, and black, with some hints of purple amethyst for these precious jewellery pieces.

Here you’d find these spikes (or studs, whichever term you prefer) made from onyx, are essentially onyx cones, punctuated by diamonds at its base, oversized amethyst studs and diamonds, on pieces such as “mitten” watches, pocket gems, two-finger rings, stacked rings, ear jewellery, clips to be worn inside or along the ear, convertible jewellery that can be repurposed to be worn in multiple ways, and even reversible bracelets and necklaces, making the Capsule not just multifaceted, but also extremely versatile.

Two of the pieces we find most innovative, are the reversible cuff with onyx cloud carrés and diamond studs, and the reinterpretation of a classic jewellery piece, the tennis bracelet. The former comes with onyx on one side, and fully paved diamond encrusted spikes on the other, making it the perfect day to night cuff. The choker version of this, is made up of over 8,000 diamonds and more than 200 only clous carrés. For the tennis bracelet, Cartier has made it less “predictable”, by alternating it with onyx between the diamonds, and also by reversing the diamonds –  the pavilion becomes a stud, and the flat table surface is now on the skin side

Another novel design element includes the “shagreen setting” made up of a complex. and meticulous setting of stones in different sizes that hold themselves together without the need of a claw. The result, just like its namesake, it is resembles the textured surface of shagreen (stingray) leather that’s sometimes used on handbags.

Cartier Clash Unlimited Stackable Rings

If you feel that it’s time to be audacious with your jewellery choices, perhaps the pieces from the Clash [Un]Limited Capsule would be the perfect collection for you! 😉


Images courtesy of Cartier