Your Complete Hermès Halzan, Constance, and HerBag Zip Size Guides
17 April 2020

Your Complete Hermès Halzan, Constance, and HerBag Zip Size Guides

Hello lovelies, welcome to Part 2 of our Complete Hermès Size Guide, this time, featuring the Halzan, Constance, and HerBag Zip



Hernes Halzan Bleu Electric Illustration

First introduced in 2014, the Halzan isn’t one of the Hermès bags that get major attention. But, things changed soon after the launch of the Mini size. Since then, the Halzan started to become one of the most highly sought after models. Take one look at the bag, and it’s obvious that it was inspired by the Maison’s equestrian heritage, with handles reminiscent of stirrups, and buckle detail recalling the buckles on a horse’s bridle. The name Halzan, too, is derived from a horse’s coat colour. What’s great about this bag, is its versatility and shape-shifting qualities – simply pull the handle upwards, and you have a vertical open-top tote bag with a buckle feature. If you like to wear it with the detachable shoulder/crossbody strap, then just fold the top over, like so, thus making it a great bag to travel with, especially in the slightly bigger size.

Halzan 22 (Mini) 22 x 15 x 6.5 cm
Halzan 31 31 x 20 x 10 cm


Hermes Constance and Constance Elan Illustration

In 1967 Jean-Louis Dumas asked a fashionable young woman who happened to be one of the Maison’s in-house designers at that time, to design a bag for the Maison. And so, she came up with this shaped silhouette with curved corners and a unique adjustable shoulder strap with no signs of a buckle. Instead, the strap slides through the two hasps (that protruding hardware bit on the top of the bag) and can be worn long, short, on the shoulder, or even crossbody. She named the bag after her daughter, Constance, which, in French, means constancy. It was also the first time the “H” was featured so prominently, front and centre, as a clasp. In 2010, Hermès launched the Constance Elan, a longer, more rectangular-shaped version of the bag. And finally, in 2017, Hermès made the Constance customisable.

Not only does this make a statement, but it’s also an elegant and feminine bag that can either be dressed up or down, making it the perfect day-to-night bag, making it one of Hermès’s best-sellers. Oh, did I mention though, that the Constance and is more elusive than the Birkin or Kelly! Yep, a Constance is the true Hermès unicorn, because it’s extremely hard to score one!

Constance 24 24cm x 15cm x 5 cm
Constance Mini 18cm x 15cm x 4cm
Constance Micro 14cm x 11cm x 3cm
Constance Elan 25cm x 14cm x 8cm


Hermes Herbag Illustration

Aside from the fact tat the body of the Herbag is made of textile (i.e. fabric, or canvas), its top handle silhouette and flap style makes it a close cousin to the iconic Kelly. The original Herbag came with 2 interchangeable “bodies” (the lower, textile half of the bag), so it was like getting 2 Hermès bags, for the price of 1! Hermès discontinued this bag in the mid-2000s, and then in 2009, reintroduced a variation with the same silhouette, except without a second, interchangeable bottom half, but if you have another, it can still be switched out with different coloured bodies. The back of the new version also comes with an exterior zipped pocket, and a removable pouch on the inside. And so, the original HerBag, became known as the Herbag Zip. For its 10th Anniversary, Hermès featured this bag in their Resort 2019 runway show, and although still an under-the-radar Hermès piece, is now more popular because of that.  The good news is, you don’t usually have to put your name on the waitlist, and from time to time, will be available off the shelves in Hermès boutiques and the Maison’s official online boutique.

 HerBag Zip PM  31 cm 31 x 25 x 10 cm
HerBag Zip MM 39 cm 39 x 31 x 15 cm
HerBag Zip Cabine GM 52 cm 52 x 36 x 20 cm

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Illustrations by @weimun_draws