Your Complete Guide to Chanel's Novelty Bags and Minaudières
29 May 2020

Your Complete Guide to Chanel’s Novelty Bags and Minaudières

Every season, the show-stopping piece that comes down the Chanel runway, is none other than the Novelty Minaudières. Usually made of a combination of plexiglas and acrylic, these three-dimensional stunners come in the most adorable shapes and designs, and correspond to the seasonal collection’s theme, or, in the cases of the Métier’s d’Art collections, something that’s unique or significant to a particular city or country which the collection is named after.

These novelty minaudières are every Chanel collector’s dream. Produced in extremely limited quantities (sometimes with the option of different colourways to choose from), they’re usually only offered to their VVIP customers, and because there are just only a handful of them available globally, they certainly don’t come cheap. If you think Judith Leiber’s Swarovski-encrusted minaudières are expensive, well, Chanel’s pearl-covered seashell from 2012 was priced at US$43,000! Anyhoo, since a lot of us are massive fans of these rare beauties, we thought we’d give you the complete guide to Chanel’s novelty minaudieres, in chronological order, beginning 2004 (with some gaps in between) right up to Karl Lagerfeld’s last one for Chanel before his passing! Ready, Set, prepare yourselves for a visual feast! 😉

Cassette and Record Clutch Spring/Summer 2004

Chanel Spring/Summer 2004 Casette and Record Novelty Bags

Rubik’s Cube Clutch Spring/Summer 2004

Chanel Rubik's Cube Bag Spring Summer 2004

Spring/Summer 2005

Chanel Spring 2005 Pearl Clutch

Gold Bar Clutch 2006Chanel Gold Bar Clutch 2006


Lambskin Paper Bag Totes

Spring/Summer 2009

Chanel Lambskin Paperbag Tote Bags Spring Summer 2009


Fall 2009

Chanel Fall 2009 Beauty Case Reissue 2.55 Bag

Matryoshka Doll
Métiers d’Art Paris-Moscow 2oo9

Chanel Matryoshka Doll Paris Moscow Metiers d'art 2009


Spring/Summer 2010

Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 Bird Wicker Basket

China Doll Minaudiere
Métiers d’Art Paris-Shanghai 2010

Chanel China Doll Clutch Paris Shanghai Metiers d'Art 2010


Chanel Takeaway Box
Métiers d’Art Paris-Shanghai 2010

Chanel Takeaway Box Bag Métiers d'Art Paris-Shanghai 2010

Ice Cube Bag and Clutch Fall/Winter 2010

Chanel Ice Cube Bag and Clutch With Fur Fall Winter 2010Chanel Ice Cubes Tray Clutch Fall Winter 2010

Book Clutch Spring/Summer 2011

Chanel Book Clutch Spring Summer 2011


Beaded Pearl Shell Clutch and Pearlescent Shell Clutch
Spring/Summer 2012

Chanel Beaded Shell and Pearlescent Shell Clutch Spring Summer 2012


Chanel Indian Doll Clutch, Paris-Bombay Metièrs d’Art 2012

Chanel Indian Doll Minaudiere Paris Bombay Metiers d'Art 2012

Quilted Watering Can, Cruise 2012

Chanel Watering Can Bag Versailles Cruise 2012


Fall/Winter 2012

Chanel Fall Winter 2012 Gemstone Clutch and Scroll Flap Bag

Spring/Summer 2013:  Cage Flap, Hoop Bag, Lego Clutch

Chanel Cage Flap Bag Spring Summer 2013

Chanel Hoop Flap Bags Spring Summer 2013

Chanel Lego Clutches Spring Summer 2013


Globe Clutches, Fall/Winter 2013

Chanel Globe Transparent and Black Clutches Fall/Winter 2013


Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle Clutch, Cruise 2014

Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Black and Transparent Evening Bags Cruise 2014


Drawing Portfolio & Frame Flap Bag, Spring/Summer 2014

Chanel Drawing Portfolio Bag Spring Summer 2014 Chanel Frame Flap Bag Spring Summer 2014


 Meat Package Flap Bag, Lait de Coco Milk Carton Bag, Shopping Basket
Fall/Winter 2014

Chanel Meat Package Flap Bag Fall Winter 2014

Chanel Milk Carton Bag Fall Winter 2014

Chanel Shopping Basket Interlaced With Calfskin Fall Winter 2014


Embroidered Money Clutch, Strass Pistol Minaudière, & Belt Buckle Minaudière
Métiers d’Art 2014

Chanel Embroidered Money Clutch Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas 2014

Chanel Strass Pistol Minaudere, Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas 2014

Chanel Belt Buckle Minaudiere, Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas 2014


Jerrycan, Premiere Watch Minaudière, & Pearl Minaudière, Paris-Dubai Cruise 2015

Chanel Jerrycan-Minaudiere-Paris-Dubai-Cruise-2015

Chanel Premiere Watch Minaudiere Cruise 2015

Chanel Pearl Minaudiere Paris-Dubai Cruise 2015

Ladies First Clutch, Spring/Summer 2015

Chanel Ladies First Clutch Spring Summer 2015


Brasserie Gabrielle Plates Minaudière, Compact Minaudière,& No.5 Striped Strass Evening Bag
Fall/Winter 2015

Chanel Brasserie Gabrielle Plates Minaudiere Fall Winter 2015 Chanel Compact Clutch Fall Winter 2015

Chanel no.5 Striped Strass Evening Bag

Turtle Shell Minaudière, Cruise 2016

Chanel Plexiglas Turtleshell Minaudiere Cruise 2016

Playing Card Minaudière and Dice Minaudière
Pre-Collection Spring 2016

Chanel Playing Card and Dice Minaudière, Pre-Collection Spring 2016

Trolley Minaudière, Spring 2016

Chanel Trolley Minaudière Spring 2016


Marbled No.5 Perfume Bottle Minaudière, Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome 2016

Chanel Marbled Perfume Bottle, Metiers d'Art 2016 Paris-Rome


Movie Camera Minaudière, Métiers d’Art Paris-Rome 2016

Chanel Movie Camera Minaudière, Métiers d'Art Paris-Rome 2016


Robot Minaudière, Spring/Summer 2017

Chanel Robot Minaudiere Spring Summer 2017


Rocket Minaudière, Fall/Winter 2017

Chanel Rocket Minaudiere Fall Winter 2017


Dare To Disturb Sequin Evening Bag, Room Key Card Minaudière, & Striped Perfume Bottle Minaudière
Métiers d’Art 2017

Chanel Dare To Disturb Evening Bag Metiers d'Art 2017

Chanel Ritz Room Key Card Minaudiere Metiers d'Art 2017

Chanel Striped Perfume Bottle Evening Bag Metiers d'Art 2017


Cigar Box Clutch, Habana Brick Clutch, Wood Evening Bag
Cruise 2017

Chanel Cigar Box Minaudiere Cruise 2017 Chanel Habana Lego Clutch Cruise 2017 Chanel Wooden Evening Bag Cruise 2017

Spring/Summer 2018

Chanel Logo Crystal Minaudiere Spring Summer 2018 Chanel Crystal Strass Minaudiere Spring Summer 2018

Camellia Evening Bag & Log Minaudiere, Fall/Winter 2018

Chanel Camellia Strass Minaudiere Fall/Winter 2018Chanel Log Strass Minaudiere Fall/Winter 2018

Owl Filigree Evening Bag, Cruise 2018

Chanel Owl Filigree Minaudiere Cruise 2017

Shipping Containers Minaudière Métiers d’Art Paris-Hamburg 2018

Chanel Shipping Containers Minaudiere Paris-Hamburg Metiers d'Art 2018

Beach Ball Minaudière, Spring/Summer 19

Chanel Spring/Summer 19 Beach Ball Minaudière


Lifesaver Bag, “La Pausa” Cruise 2019

Chanel Cruise 2019 Lifesaver Bag Red

Scarab Minaudière, Métiers d’Art Paris-New York 2019

Chanel Scarab Minaudière Métiers d'art 2018/2019 Egypt

and Karl’s final one before his passing … the Ski Gondola, Fall/Winter 2019

Chanel Ski Gondola Minaudere FW19


Which of these are your favourites?


Images: Chanel, Vogue Runway