Valentino's Rockstud Spike: The Pros and Cons
10 September 2018

Valentino’s Rockstud Spike: The Pros and Cons

Although I didn’t like it when it was first introduced, I have to admit that Valentino‘s Rockstud Spike is seriously beginning to grow on me. Since I’ve really been contemplating whether to get the bag, I actually compiled a list of pros and cons, which I thought I’d share with you.

Taking my bad back out of the equation, I think you lovelies would still find this relevant:


1.  I know some of you don’t mind this, but one of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to bags, is that if you want to wear it crossbody with the long shoulder strap that it comes with, the handles have to be collapsible because for me, it just looks really weird if you’re wearing it on your shoulder or crossbody-style, but yet the bag’s handle(s) are still standing tall. And, for the Rockstud Spike, the top handle slides to the top of the bag’s flap, which is genius, because it even seems as if it’s a different bag altogether!

2. Well, this isn’t a pro per se, but I just love love love studs and it looks super chic in this style. It also looks really cute when carried with the top handle.

3. The price point is actually quite decent!

Valentino Rockstud Spike Crystal Embellished Roses
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1. The studs go all the way round the bag, including the back of the bag. .. Despite my MASSIVE love for almost all things Valentino Rockstuds, I don’t know if it’s just my luck, or if this is a common problem – the studs on my Rockstud Trapeze have fallen off a couple of times. Sure, they include a pack of spare studs with your purchase, and the store replaces it for free, but it’s just a hassle to send it back to the store so often, and then pick it up again 2 weeks later when they’re done fixing it. So with the Rockstud Spike, the fact that the studs go all the way round, just imagine the studs at the back, which, I feel, are more likely to fall off, due to the friction against our clothing, not to mention, they’d probably snag our clothes, or create little fluff balls on them, so they can’t be worn with delicate materials, knits, and even our tees (especially our designer tees!!) And, the it’s only the bigger studs around the edges of the flap that pierce through the leather interior, so if a micro stud falls off, it’s gonna be so difficult to replace because there’s no way it can be accessed from the interior, unlike the Rocktud Trapeze..

2. Speaking from experience, hair can sometimes get caught in the chain of the shoulder strap.

So there you have it, my two cents!

Images: Valentino

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