13 March 2018

Toosday Shoesday: The Verdict on Repetto Ballet Flats

Welcome to Toosday Shoesday! Today, I thought I’d change things up a bit. Since I often get emails or DMs from many of you lovelies asking whether Repetto ballet flats are comfortable, here’s a post dedicated to their pros and cons. Personally, I’ve been wearing Repetto flats quite regularly since 2014, and while there are obvious reasons why I always find myself going back to them, there are also certain things about them that I think you should know about, especially if you are considering whether to get a pair for yourselves.

Repetto Cendrillon Goatskin
My favourite pair that I own, in Goatskin! Photog credits: Saufi Nadzri

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would’ve realised I’m a flats kind of girl. I’ve only ever worn heels when absolutely necessary (read: fashion events), but ever since I’ve had issues with my back, the probability of catching me in any form of heels, are well… close to zero. I guess it’s a good thing that sneakers can be styled with virtually almost everything these days, including floaty dresses (as we have seen them on the runway). Anyway, back to Repetto.

Repetto SS18 Flats
Top row: Cendrillon Flat in Campari Pink Goatskin, Brigitte in Blue Riviera (Terry) Bottom row: Cendrillon Flat in Capri Blue Silk Satin, Cendrillon Flat in Limoncello Patent, and Jane Ballerina in Capri Blue Metallic Calfskin

The Pros

  • You’re probably going to say that with the tiny bow in front, they look like any other ballet flats, even the non-designer ones. Sure, this is certainly true, but where the other brands fall short when it comes to ballet flats, is the cut. When I first saw them, I thought that the toe cap (that’s the part at the front of the shoe) was quite short, and expected it to give me significant toe cleavage. I slipped them on, and I was pleasantly surprised because this was not an issue at all – no toe cleavage in sight!
  • While we’re still on the subject of the cut, how about if i told you that Repettos would fit you regardless whether you have wide or narrow feet? Thanks to the bow, yes, that “common” unassuming bow in front, it’s adjustable so you can actually undo and tighten or loosen it, according to the width of your foot!
  • What I love most about ballet flats is that you can literally wear them with anything: jeans, sundresses, dresses, skirts of all lengths, and if you have the glitzier glitter ones, you can wear them to dinner and even events! Okay, so this other “pro” isn’t specific to Repettos but, to most ballet flats in general, but hey, still a plus point, no? heh.

The Cons

  • Some of you may find them a liiiiitle too flat. Their leather soles are rather thin, so if you’re wearing them for long hours, depending on the architecture of your feet, you may or may not experience some discomfort in your heel and/or arch.
  • Also relating to the leather sole, they can be slightly slippery, especially if you’re wearing them for the first time. The slipperiness goes away after you’ve taken them onto the road/tarmac due to the friction against the sole.
  • What I also didn’t quite like about the sole, is that they wear out too quickly. In fact, the soles tend to look really worn after a few wears.


L’Atelier Repetto. Image via @Repetto

In sum, Repetto flats are generally quite comfy, but it really depends on the type of leather or fabric that you opt for. I’ve found goatskin to be the most comfy, followed by fabric or denim, while patent and some sturdier leathers may bite your feet. In all honesty, I never really wear my patent leather and the more structured textured leather pairs because they hurt too much.

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