Shoptagr: Never Pay Full Price For Your Purchases Ever Again!
20 November 2018

Shoptagr: Never Pay Full Price For Your Purchases Ever Again!

I’ve been using the app, Shoptagr, for some time now, and since Black Friday/Cyber Monday is just around the corner, it’s a really useful way to keep track of the items you want, or are planning to purchase. With sales happening everywhere online, it can get a little overwhelming in terms of comparing prices across different sites. Of course, Black Friday aside, it’s a handy app which can be used all year round. Note: this is NOT a sponsored post – just sharing this wonderful app with all of you lovelies because you can save loads and still get the product you want! After all, sharing is caring! 😉

So… what is Shoptagr?

Shoptagr is a free smart shopping app which alerts you when an item you want goes on sale! It also notifies you if something you have been eyeing was previously sold out, but has been restocked, or even an item you want is now low in stock – everything with regards to stock inventory is updated in real time!

Shoptagr Main Items PageIf you’re not into premium luxury brands, fret not. Shoptagr has partnered with thousands of e-commerce websites, including those selling pet accessories, diamonds, beauty and cosmetics, sportswear (Lulu Lemon, Foot Locker, etc), watches, bridal wear, menswear and accessories, lifestyle accessories, as well as high street labels like Forever 21, to name a few. Oftentimes, they even alert you before you get a sale notification from your favourite website!

Shoptagr Coupons Page

They’ve also recently introduced a new feature, coupons. Yep, that’s coupons that range from special discount codes and treats, to free international shipping, from the websites you’ve saved items from. The app can be used across all mobile devices as well as on your desktop browser. Now, how does it work?

  1. First, sign up for a free account on the Shoptagr site
  2. Install the Shoptagr button into your browser for both desktop and mobile devices (there’ll be instructions on how you can do this with just 2 clicks)
  3. Create lists to sort your products into. For example, my lists I’ve created are “bags, shoes, clothes, sportswear, and accessories”. Or, you can even be creative and sort the lists into Pinterest-esque mood boards and label them “girl’s night out”, “disco diva” or however else you like
  4. Head on over to your favourite website to add the items that you want to keep track of, directly from the site itself, via the Shoptagr button that you’ve installed in Step 2 above. Make sure you select the colour, and size. Discount wise there are 3 options: “notify me when there are any price changes, 25% off or 50% off”.
  5. Click “save” and everything you’ve saved will appear in your Shoptagr account. For easy access, the app has even categorised your items and sorts them by brands which saves you time from scrolling through your list

Shoptagr Shortcut Save

You’d be notified when the items in your lists go on sale – remember to enable and allow app notifications! If the price is right, just click the “buy at (insert retailer here)” shortcut below the item in Shoptagr, and purchase it directly from the website from which you saved the item! Yep, easy peasy, and the best part is you’d never have to pay full price ever again! 😉

Thank me later! Now… ready, set, SHOP!