How To Pronounce Designer Brands: Part 3
16 May 2014

How To Pronounce Designer Brands: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my “How To Pronounce Designer Brands” tutorial. I’ve been wanting to do Part 3 for a while now, and let’s just say that Harper’s BAZAAR (American Edition)’s similar “how-to” guide from last month made me want to do this third instalment even more because, they, too, got some brands wrong…

Again, the capitalised syllables denote where the emphasis should be.

Yet another oft mispronounced brand, Moschino has been most often pronounced as “Moss-chee (think the “chi” in tai chi)-no”. Well guess what, it’s actually “Moss-SKEE-no”.

Ah, who doesn’t love this young contemporary designer duo? It isn’t “Pro-en-za Shoo-ler” but “Pro-en-za SKOO-ler”

The brand with one of the most emblematic logos of all time, the Medusa. I’ve heard it being pronounced as “Ver-says” before. And this brand is one that the Americans usually get wrong, calling it “Ver-sah-chee”. Ask any Italian and they’ll tell you it’s “Ver-SAH-chay”.

Here’s something for you men out there! I know this brand is helluva mouthful to pronounce, what with it being so long and everything. Although lots of peeps call it “Zen-nya”, this is how you say it: “Ehr-men-uh-JILL-doh Zay-nya”. And this is from hearing the founder’s son himself pronouncing his surname this way, so it can’t be the case of him not knowing how to say his own name now innit? 😉

Who doesn’t love fine jewellery? Well this brand is quite misleading because of the “V” in the logo because it’s actually Bulgari. I’ve heard someone call this “BAHL-Gree”, and I don’t know about you but it sounds almost vulgar doesn’t it? lol. It’s “Bull-GAHR-Ree”

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Do leave a comment below for brands than you want to see included in the next segment! 😉