How to Choose the Right Bag For Your Body Type
18 January 2010

How to Choose the Right Bag For Your Body Type

Ever looked at someone and thought “hmm, that bag isn’t right for her because it weighs her down/makes her look bigger than she is/etc”? Well, You’ll never have to worry about being a victim to such a fashion faux pas anymore! Here are some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right bag to flatter your body type.

  • For those of you who might not have a clue on what type of figure you possess, choose a bag that lies at the middle of your torso, this length will complements most people
  • For those of you who have a petite and round shape – find a lengthy and rectangular bag with long strap.
  • How about a petite and skinny you? Choose a rectangular bag that ends at your leg, extremely large bags will make you look really petite!
  • Are you tall and skinny? A Slouchy designer bag, rounded and crescent shaped bags can work wonder for you. Avoid small, mini bags.
  • Tall and large people will find that mini bags will make you look larger than life. Get something large that complements your build.
  • Pear shaped people can find a rectangular bag to complement them.
  • Possess a set of large breast? Stir clear of close-fitting bags, which rest under the arm. Instead go for a bag with long shoulder straps.
  • If you have a slim waist – choose shoulder straps bags that allow the bottom of the bag to hit your waist.
  • If you want to accentuate cleavage, pick a close fitting bag with short straps, which lie right under the arm.ype for maximum flattery, the size of the bag should be in proportion to your figure.
Don’t be tempted by trendy shapes that don’t suit your figure: there are plenty of great alternatives that will work. Take time in a store to try on handbags in front of a mirror just like you would when trying on clothes. Think lifestyle when shopping for bags.


Article Source: MyBagSpa

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