Chanel's Vanity Bag: Size Comparison & Fit
23 August 2018

Chanel’s Vanity Bag: Size Comparison & Fit

Chanel‘s Vanity Bag made its debut a couple of seasons ago, and has been a big hit since its introduction. This boxy bag comes with both a top handle and a longer chain shoulder strap, along with the interlocking Cs front and centre of the bag, thus making it unmistakably Chanel. Since this is such a popular style, and mini bags are all the rage of late, the Maison has recently added a mini version of this vanity to the collection.

Chanel Vanity Case Burgundy

At this point, you’re probably wondering why it has taken me so long to actually dedicate an entire post to this bag, that’s because I’ve just recently begun looking for a small crossbody bag, but not just any crossbody bag, I specifically wanted something in the style of a camera bag. I know perhaps this Vanity Bag isn’t for everyone, particularly those who prefer something with smaller logos, as well as those of you who may find this a little too bulky because of its silhouette. I’m not usually a fan of bulk myself, but in this case, that’s because of the way the compartments are organised inside – in accordion style but without the side profile that accordion bags usually have. Because of the gusseted accordion-styled compartments, the bag actually is roomier than you’d actually expect it to be, plus, you can easily access the contents of your bag because the double zippers go almost all the way around the bag. Oh and you know what’s my favourite part of the bag? It’s the concealed interlocking padlock which is fully functional. In fact, it would actually look great as a pendant, don’t you think? *winks*

Chanel Vanity Case Bicolor

If the Vanity Bag is something you’re considering as your next purchase, and can’t decide between the medium or the mini, here’s some info that might be useful to you…

Medium Vanity Case

  • No problems fitting your bigger android phones and Apple 7 or 8 plus models
  • Slightly on the heavy side considering its size
  • The chain shoulder strap isn’t adjustable so you can only either carry this bag using the top handle, or on the shoulder. You wouldn’t be able to wear it crossbody style.


Mini Vanity Case

  • You can’t fit your Apple 7 or 8 plus models. If you’re using an iPhone 7 or 8, it fits, but the only way you can fit your phone into the bag, is diagonally, in the larger compartment. Also, bear in mind that it’s gonna be quite snug in there, and it also depends on how bulky your phone cover or casing is. Since it’s a tight fit, it might be a little tricky to retrieve your phone if you have an urgent phone call to attend to.  The iPhone X is suuuuper snug in there.
  • For those of you who aren’t used to mini bags, you might find this a little too teensy.
  • It comes with a longer shoulder strap than the Medium, so you can wear this crossbody style, while the bag may rest a little too low, if worn on the shoulder, but then again, it depends on your height too 🙂


Hope this helps! As for me however, since my iPhone X was too tight a fit, I didn’t get the mini. The Medium though, didn’t make the cut because I was looking for a crossbody camera style bag so, I left with a heavy heart, especially when they had the most gorgeous bi-colour version in light camel with black trims that you see above!

The Vanity Case retails for MYR 17,xxx (Medium), and MYR 15,xxx (Mini).


Images via Chanel