BagAddicts Anonymous Fight Against Counterfeit Goods - Part 1
13 February 2010

BagAddicts Anonymous Fight Against Counterfeit Goods – Part 1

In support of Anti-Counterfeiting, BagAddicts Anonymous will dedicate the whole week titled, BagAddicts Anonymous Fight Against Counterfeit Goods to raise awareness about the counterfeiting industry, the consequences and adverse effects of this criminal activity.

These days, counterfeiters have become so good at their trade that it’s difficult to spot a fake from the real deal. Perhaps this might be one of the reasons that you buy these counterfeit luxury goods, especially in today’s economic environment. But what would you do if you were told that by buying counterfeit goods, you are indirectly helping fund terrorism, drug trafficking and human trafficking, as well as advocating child labour? It is not uncommon for those in the counterfeit trade to utilise child labour. Mobile Sweatshops are set up (counterfeiters are always on the move so that they don’t get caught) , the living conditions are poor, and these children are often chained to machines so that they’d keep on working into the night.

If you are buying counterfeit goods, watch these videos below and see what your actions are doing:

Source: ABC Local

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Source: FOX News

Now that you’ve seen what counterfeiting does, Join ME in the Fight Against Counterfeiting Now!

Image via CourierMail