3 Simple Steps To Removing Odours From Your Louis Vuitton Bags
27 August 2021

3 Simple Steps To Removing Odours From Your Louis Vuitton Bags

Odours in Louis Vuitton bags seem to be a common problem, and from what we’ve heard, a lot of you have trouble removing the odours from the bag’s interior, so, here’s this quick 3-step guide that we’ve tried and tested to help you with this concern.
Do note that if you are looking for a solution for your Canvas LV bags, the exterior monogrammed LV bags do tend to smell musty over time, and this how-to tutorial is to remove odours from the interior of the bags, only.

You’ll Need: 

  1. Low-powered handheld vacuum
  2. A lint-free cloth or towel (to line the interior of your bag)
  3. Baking soda
  4. Ziplock Bags
  5. Charcoal Pieces
  6. Empty container


Removing Odour From Louis Vuitton Bags Step 1 use Vacuum

Step 1: Lightly Vacuum 

Empty your bag of its contents, turn it upside down and give it a good shake, and then take a lightly-powered hand vacuum set on the lowest speed to gently vacuum the inside of your bag. Once done, take your lint-free cloth or towel to line the interior of your bag, in preparation for Step 2 below.


Removing Odours from Louis Vuitton Bags Baking Soda Charcoal

Step 2: Baking Soda and Charcoal Pieces

Pour out some baking soda onto small container with the lid open  – depending on the size of your bag, you might want to opt for 2 or 3 of these baking soda-filled containers.  Add a few pieces of charcoal to another open container. Carefully insert the baking soda- and charcoal- filled containers into the bag to ensure there isn’t any spillage, and make sure that they are evenly spaced out. IF your bag doesn’t have a wide base that fits the containers, then as an alternative, you can instead pour the baking soda into ziplock bags, then use a fork and poke some holes into the ziplock bag so that the baking soda can  , and just add some charcoal pieces (without a container, but ensure that your bag is lined properly before doing so). Zip your bag up and leave the charcoal and baking soda in there for 2 days (i.e. 48 hours).
Note: If your bag is one with an open top, then secure it with a dustbag that has a drawstring pull closure.


Removing Odours From Louis Vuitton Bags Tutorial

Step 3: Remove Baking Soda and Charcoal Pieces

After 2 days, unzip your bag and carefully remove the baking soda and charcoal from your bag. If you used the ziplock option, be extra careful so that the baking soda doesn’t spill over from the holes you poked into the plastic. Carefully remove the towel or cloth you used to line the bag in case there is any spillage. Take your lightly-powered hand vacuum and set it on the lowest speed like you did in step 1 above, and gently vacuum the inside of the bag, and voila, we’re done!


Let us know how this worked out for you!


Illustrations by Wei Mun