Trend Alert: The Logo Tee
30 August 2018

Trend Alert: The Logo Tee

Logo tees is a unisex trend that has been making waves for a couple of seasons now, and it certainly doesn’t seem as if it’s going anywhere. First it was Kenzo with the tiger and logo tees and sweaters, then Balmain, and MSGM followed suit. Pretty soon, brands that didn’t even have logo tees before this, started coming up with their own: Gucci did the vintage logo printed tee, and then other brands like Helmut Lang, Balenciaga, Fendi, Off-White, and even Longchamp! Oh and along with the tee, came sweaters/sweatshirts, and hoodies, also bearing logos. And then there are high street brands like Guess has resuscitated their logo tee from the 90s. Judging from the direction this is going, it’s pretty safe to assume that the logo tee is going to become a staple for almost every brand.


Personally, while I’m not a fan of huge emblazoned logos on handbags, I’ve been hit by the logo tee bug for quite awhile now. In fact, I’ve come to accumulate quite a few of my own – Kenzo, MSGM, Karl Lagerfeld, Markus Lupfer, and Balmain still remain some of my faves – and my friends think I’m insane for forking out what they refer to as “an insane amount of money” on tees, heh. Well, guilty as charged.

Oh and here’s a tip: in terms for caring for your tee/sweater, I never put them in the washing machine even if the label says you can do so. I only ever dry clean them, no matter what the label says, and even more so if there’s a foil print on it, like Balmain. Here’s a cautionary tale: A friend put her designer tee in the washing machine as per the washing instructions, and guess what, it was so faded when it came out of the wash that she had to wear them as PJs after wearing them only once. #truestory

MSGM Logo Sweater

Styling Tips:

  • As is: Pair the logo tee/sweatshirt with jeans or a denim skirt. Leave the tee as is for a more relaxed fit.
  • Full- or Half-Tuck: For a slightly more “styled” look with either the full- or half-tuck. For curvier body types, the half-tuck is super figure-flattering.
  • Knotted: To make the knotted look work, you need a slightly baggier tee. Gather up all access fabric and knot the tee either to the side or in the middle. I usually prefer the end of the knot tucked back into it so it looks like a mini hairbun. If you don’t mind the end sticking out, that could work too. Wear this with track bottoms or athletic pants for that sporty vibe. Alternatively, the knotted tee looks great with a midi- or maxi-length pleated skirt or other dressier skirts (tulle or sequinned). Complete the look with sneakers for that luxe streetstyle vibe for that ultimate je n’ais se quoi .

Now, if logo tees are your jam, you can shop some of my favourite picks below in the form of logo tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and hoodies!

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