The Vuitton Express In Shanghai!
20 July 2012

The Vuitton Express In Shanghai!

I loved every bit of Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week that I caught on livestream in March. The Vuitton Express was still fresh in my mind (and I’m sure, most of all our minds!), I got to re-live that epic moment all over again at Louis Vuitton’s “The Art of Travel” celebration along the Shanghai Bund to celebrate the new 4-storey Vuitton Flagship at Shanghai’s Plaza 66.

If you’re wondering how the Louis Vuitton Express actually made its way to Shanghai, the steam train actually departed from Paris on July 5th, so yes, the train isn’t just for the sake of runway theatrics, because it actually does work!

Here are the photos (as captured off the livestream) from last night’s Louis Vuitton’s “Art of Travel” event and fashion show in Shanghai:

The Shanghai Bund

The livestream began at 8:30pm, with Zhu Zhu hosting the pre-show celebrity interviews.

Livestream hosted by Zhu Zhu

Besides Chinese actresses and celebrities Zhu Zhu interviewed Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevigne (sorry don’t have the images of that!) and Laetitia Casta.

We know that any runway show that Marc Jacobs is in charge of always starts on the dot. So at 9pm sharp, the Vuitton Clock started chiming.

The train began to pull into the “station” the moment the chiming ceased.

Notice the date on the front of the train? Back at Paris Fashion Week, the date was 070312 (the date of the runway show). And for the Shanghai event, the date has been changed to 120719 (July 19th).


Models on board the Vuitton Express


First model disembarks the train


The first model is off!


And in 12 minutes, the entire show was over (note the time on the clock).

The models doing the final walkthrough sans porters

And Marc Jacobs all dapper in a suit, I must admit, was rather unexpected because I thought he’d be all dressed in his usual quirky attire (remember the lace dress, the kilt?)

I must say that I am impressed all over again. It felt exactly like the same set that we all witnessed at Paris Fashion Week. A flawless replication! Perhaps the only difference is that the porters were mostly (though not all) Chinese. And this might be trivial though, but what I did notice was that all the porters were around the same height? Nonetheless, What an amazing encore performance!

The After-Party began immediately after the show, where Lana Del Rey serenaded all the Vuitton guests.

If you’d like to watch Vuitton’s Express make its journey all the way from Paris to Shanghai, its daily travels are documented on Vuitton’s YouTube Channel