The Hermès Petit h Exhibit in Singapore
8 August 2013

The Hermès Petit h Exhibit in Singapore

Mention the brand Hermès and everyone would have heard of it, and the sight of an Orange box would probably send many-a-heart aflutter – I know mine would! But this post isn’t about any of the regular Hermès items. Instead, it’s dedicated to the Petit h.

Hermès sums up the Petit h as recreation. With the Maison’s great attention to detail and symmetry especially when it comes to their leather goods and exotic skins, much wastage (or so we think) is involved, because that’s the only way to ensure quality control. Inspired by Petit h Artistic Direcctor Pascale Mussard’s  (photo above) “don’t-throw-that-out-it-might-come-in-handy” motto, the Petit h project was born.

A collaborative effort with the master craftsmen,  – the leather workers, seamstresses, crystal and porcelain workers, gold- and silversmiths employed by the House –  Hermès ensures that nothing goes to waste. Castaway bits, odds and ends of their materials and leathers are used to create special whimsical pieces: leather origami-esque animal bag charms, crocodile skin stools are just some of the items that has been re-created. Recycling certainly never looked more chic!

All Petit h items are specially marked and presented in the orange Hermès box, but without the appearance of a collection or season, and without a chosen theme.

Beechwood Stools with sheathed bar in various leathers and skins
Pair of side tables. Crystal body with Porosus crocodile guéridon pedestal by Mathieu Bassée
Sailboat in Silk, Leather and Wool by Stefania di Petrillo & Godefroy de Virieu
Friendly leather Souris mouse by Adrien Rovero. Made of calfskin leather in Togo Orange
Porcelain and Leather Lamp
Leather and Felt bag
Windmills in leather and hackberry. I want them all!!

Items from the Petit h workshop are not available at Hermès stores, so you’d only be able to get your hands on these precious creations from this exclusive workshop during their travelling exhibits. And for the first time, the Petiit h exhibit is currently on its Singapore leg (and pstt: there are only two to three travelling Petit h exhibits A YEAR!! The Petit h exhibit in Singapore began on 26th July, and closes on 11th August – so that’s just 4 days left to go, and a perfect quick getaway during this Hari Raya holiday – at Hermès Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Road!  What’s more, you’d get to see special pieces (shown below) were created especially for Singapore only!

Banc Pirogue (Leather Bench from Pirogue) by Christian Astuguevieille. Made of a wooden structure provided by the artist, this canoe-shaped seat is fully encased in leather with crocodile dorsal scales and dowers edges. The seat is also encased in crocodile leather
Dinette Théière (Porcelain teapot tea set) by Thomas Bong. Inspired by a piece from the  La Table Hermès collection, lined in leather skins from the workshop. The teapot was actually cut in half and reattached to create the casing for the teacups
Lapin Origami (Origami Leather Bunny) by Charles Kaisin. A tribute to the Japanese paper-folding art, Origami.
Made of iconic Orange Hermès leather
Miroir Carré Pièces Métalliques (Leather Mirror with Metal Pieces) by Thomas Bong. The metal pieces were from the Jewellery Department. It is a collage of padlocks, buckles, and snap hooks on a leather photo frame.

Images courtesy of Hermès